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The origins of Zoho come from India!

Just like Zoho!

These monuments carved from a single rock ...

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As Zoho Alliance PartnerSkyFluent offers consulting, implementation, training and project monitoring services in the implementation of a simple, but effective solution for managing customer relationships (CRM or CRM). – English acronym) which targets small and medium-sized businesses in Quebec.

The best Zoho expertise at the best prices

Zoho expertise

In November

SkyFluent officially becomes a "Zoho Alliance Partner" .


In April

SkyFluent is following its Zoho certification in Chennai, India.


In April

SkyFluent officially becomes one of the first "Zoho Advanced Solution Provider" in Quebec. A step that you must demand from your Zoho CRM service provider for a smooth implementation of the solution.


In May

SkyFluent officially becomes a "Zoho Creator Certified Developer".

In October

SkyFluent continues to hone its knowledge of Zoho applications by participating in the  Zoho Partner Summit  in Chennai, India. SkyFluent thus becomes an authorized Zoho One partner.



SkyFluent was at Zoholics sales and marketing in Austin, Texas, USA and Montreal.



SkyFluent undergoes a three-day training course for administrators of the Zoho CRM application, entitled "Zoho CRM Training for Administrators"



SkyFluent was at Zoholics Sales and Marketing in Austin, Texas, USA.



SkyFluent is at Zoholics Toronto, Canada

SkyFluent is one of the only ones in Quebec to offer you services for all Zoho products!

SkyFluent is a reseller of Zoho wall to wall products. Zoho has over 35 cloud applications for your business and SkyFluent knows them all.

We offer you this suite of Zoho products, including Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice for your accounting and mobile applications, because we believe that an intimate integration between each module is the secret of a complete and fluid management of your business.

Service at a fair price for Quebec SMEs

1) Establishment of a customized deployment plan, which includes the development of your customer relationship management strategy.

  • GRC Strategies – Deliverables: Analysis and optimization of your current relationship management processes with YOUR clients to maintain, maintain and develop successful business relationships.

2) Implementation of Zoho cloud applications in harmony with your CRM strategy plan previously developed, including consultation, design, configuration as needed, uploading, training, and post-project monitoring.

Zoho CRM is an architecture open to the world of third-party cloud applications!


SkyFluent has extensive expertise to assist you with the integration of other third-party applications. For example :

  • Creation of a prospect sheet in Zoho CRM as soon as you receive a phone call.
  • Creation of a contact card from an email from your call center.
  • Creation of a prospect sheet, followed by the sending to this prospect of an email with information about your products and services, followed by the update of your calendar for a reminder to communicate with this prospect within 24 hours, by taking a simple photo of this prospect’s business card.

Zoho is more than CRM ...

Zoho is


Join your customers for a strong commitment!


Manage your finances safely, easily!


Connect and fix problems remotely, profitably!


Don't miss out on getting paid faster!


Leverage your data to easily identify trends and other observations


Track and engage visitors to your website in real time to gain more customers


A website for your business in less than two!


Close more sales in less time


Build custom applications for the specific needs of your business

Zoho CRM solution


SkyFluent is the specialist who accompanies you in the implementation of the Zoho CRM solution. Designed specifically for your needs, the tool allows small or medium-sized businesses to access higher levels of performance for everything related to automation and management of sales teams.

SkyFluent offers you an end-to-end service: starting from the exploratory meeting, going through a marketing plan to your measure, then assisting you in choosing the cloud tools best suited to your needs, thereby keeping the course of prosperity.

A solution that deploys effectively. You will quickly see the return on investment.

Efficient sales management.

Excellent qualification of prospects

Sales reports that reflect your reality, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Smooth implementation of the Zoho cloud solution covering aspects of sales operations, marketing, order taking, customer service and technical support.

SkyFluent supports you in achieving your goals!


SkyFluent's Mandate

Who is SkyFluent

SkyFluent's expertise supports you throughout the process of implementing the cloud solution:

  • Understanding of your objectives and the market in which you operate (GRC Strategic Plan)
  • Definition of the Zoho CRM model for the implementation and optimization of the collaborative platform according to established criteria.
  • Creation and modeling of the database structure adapted to your needs, personalized training, and post-project monitoring.

SkyFluent is a firm that specializes in developing your CRM plan, including its harmonization with the cloud technologies available on the market.

  • SkyFluent stands out in projects that relate to customer relations, the automation of sales teams and the implementation of marketing strategies.
  • SkyFluent's mission is to help SMEs increase their market share by offering solutions to maximize the sharing of information between teams.

For those who still have doubts ...

Zoho ranks 2nd worldwide. Salesforce.com remains a leader. That said, Zoho CRM remains, without question, the solution of choice for SMEs in Quebec.
Zoho CRM is a user-friendly platform, simple to configure, simple to customize, and can be docked with most third-party cloud applications available on the market.
In the end, Zoho CRM is the most accessible platform for SMEs, as well as for larger companies wishing to optimize their investments and efficiencies through a CRM.

Our vision is to be an essential partner of choice in the development of your business, where your success is our success.